The Start of Active Development!

When developing game their are forms of development I use:

  • Passive: Were I just brainstorm and play with ideas
  • Constructive: Where I write down game rule and lore
  • Active: Playtesting and making changes and writing rules/lore as the testing is happening.

Tomorrow starts the first Active Development game for Starmetal Wasteland. I look forward to it and hope my testers have made their Alpha Character Sheets.


Starmetal Races: Human


Human Lore:

Humans or Homo-sapiens are last of the genus Homo, the oldest of the great races (dating back to at least 50,100 B.I. [Before Impact]), and the only great race from before The Impact.  Humans have the greatness endurance and stamina of the great races (with the exemption of the Automatons) as well as being naturally proficiency with survival, melee, and primitive weapons (like slings and javelins). Humans are also very hearty and despite their number being greatly diminished during The Impact and Long Winter they are still one of the most populace of the great races. While humans many not seem like anything special they are one of the most hardy of all the great races. Their bodies can survive harsh punishment and their natural and well established social ways lead them to a greater range of communal advantages. Lastly Humans by their nature are good and throwing.

Human Stats :

- Health Bonus = +5 wounds

- + 10 to stamina

- Adrenaline: When a 2 or less wounds, and in active danger, humans gains +15 to all rolls for a number of rounds equal to her Stamina Mod + Endurance Level at the cost of 2 hunger and 1 thirst per round.

- survival and endurance, cost half as much to level up

- Start with 1 free level of Thrown Proficiency

- +5 vs illness

- 7 background points

- Normal vision


Religion: —

Relations: Do to the harsh in environment of the post-impact world and the fact that human civilization alone pre-date all other great races by thousands of years, humans tend to be dis-trustful of other races if not down right xenophobic. This is especially true of any race linked to Tauma like the Star Blooded.

Common Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Mandarin, Hindi, Ect.

Pop. : 25 Million - 1 Billion World Wide


Starmetal: Addictions (wip)

Addiction Roll: Roll under 2 x [current willpower] or gain a level


  • You must use you [addiction] 2 x [Addiction Level] per week or take double side effects.
  • It takes 2 weeks x [Addiction Level] of not using [Addiction] AT ALL to to lower the addiction level down by one level.
  • Their is a max of 7 levels
  • Stella: If you use stella control more then 20 time a week, roll for addiction.
With each level of addiction your healing and sanity recovery speed is slowed by 10%. (max -70%)
at level 4 or higher loss -[Addiction Level]  sanity per day.
  • Drug ()
  • Alcohol:

There’s a Man in the Woods


Starmetal: Relic update

GS-7 (Gauss Spiker - Mark 7): Designed to compete with the MX-35 Firefly to be the replacement for the M-16 and its brethren as the new US standard assault rifle. It was made to be the first mass produced gauss weapon in history, however It lost to the MX-35 due to poor reliability and mediocre damage. It was saved from obscurity by US special forces, CIA, and FBI due to its low recoil and also silent nature.

Does not take the gun penalty to stealth.

Class: SA: Rifle (Automatic) / Accuracy: +15 / Damage: 1d10 + 2 (I) / Range 55yd. / Fire Rate: S/6/30 /  / Load rate: 1 Round  / Jam Rate: +8 / Clip: 40 /Tag:  Mag, P(-4,) 2n, Upkeep (Craft [scii]/5/3x#) / Wt. 7 lbs / Cost: 2000 Scrap / Availability:  Relic 1 / 10 scrap per clip


Uraniummoon don’t watch!

A stunning video based on fossils of a 410-million-year-old arachnid — one of the first predators on land — recreates the animal walking. It was produced by Dr Russell Garwood from The University of Manchester and Jason Dunlop from the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin,


"Internet friendship is not real"

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Hyrule Total War: Hyrule Historia

Chapter 4:  Gerudo Wars / Ep. 4: Forest Fire

Info: The Great Deku Tree acts with haste to assemble an alliance of as many forest nations as he can to assault the Gohma Hive before their numbers get out of hand. The traitor Mido follows Sulkaris, warning her that the Great Deku Tree has named a new Sage. With the Gohma Hive located and an alliance with the Deku Scrubs and Wolfos secure, Chief Mirora must lead the armies to exterminate the arachnid’s nest and their eggs.

written by: UndyingNephalim

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Hyrule Total War: Hyrule Historia

Chapter 4:  Gerudo Wars / Ep. 3:  Resurgence

Info: As the Gerudo Wars breaks out across Hyrule, conflict is arising in the Kokiri Forest. Tired of being sub-servant to the Great Deku Tree, the Kokiri Chief Mido makes an uneasy alliance with the spirit of Sulkaris in hopes of killing his master and taking his place. The Great Deku Tree must protect his grove from the sudden swarm of Gohma unleashed by the Fallen Sage.

written by: UndyingNephalim

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Hyrule Total War: Hyrule Historia

Chapter 4: Gerudo Wars / Ep. 2: The Fall of Hyrule

Info: Ganondorf’s armies march upon Hyrule Castle as Princess Zelda exposes the traitor Agahnim. She must now defend the castle with her armies as civilians evacuate the city and escape from Ganondorf’s onslaught.

written by: UndyingNephalim

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Hyrule Total War: Hyrule Historia

Chapter 4:  Gerudo Wars / Ep. 1: Ordonian Omen

Info: Supplies and trade from Ordona Province have suddenly stopped. Princess Zelda III, yearning for time away from her duty as leader of Hyrule, decides to personally investigate the issue with her top General and army of Iron-clad. Princess Zelda will have to battle a blockade of Gerudo and Darknuts that have taken over the Province, as well as an army of Undead that have risen in the city.

written by: UndyingNephalim

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Hyrule Total War: Hyrule Historia

Chapter 3:  The Realm of Twilight / Ep. 4: Usurper

Info: His armies now warped into hideous and powerful beasts by Veran’s magic, Zant marches upon the Palace of Twilight to forcibly remove Midna from the throne. Upon his victory Zant will be able to provide resources to his associates to construct gates to Hyrule and fulfill his father’s wish.

written by: UndyingNephalim

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Hyrule Total War: Hyrule Historia

Chapter 3:  The Realm of Twilight / Ep. 3: The Trial of Zant

Info: With the Great Fairy Una his captive and her magic used to augment his army, Prince Zant knowingly marches into a trap set by Veran with the belief that he can overcome and subjugate her. Despite his knowledge of the set up, Zant could have never predicted that he and his armies are being offered as a sacrifice to the long forgotten deity known as Majora.

written by: UndyingNephalim

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